All About Santa Phillip

Santa Phillip was born in central New Jersey in the mid 50s. From as far back as he could remember, Santa would come and visit every year and bring gifts to him and other friends in the neighborhood. It wasn't till years later that he found out it was his father that portrayed the jolly man in the red suit. So you might say that Santa runs in the family.

Moving to California in the mid 60's, Santa Phillip's dad continued to appear as Santa as well as the Easter Bunny for the Encino Elementary School for many years at the request of the PTA and school administrators.

Santa Phillip joined the Boy Scouts of America in the mid 1960's and participated actively as a scout until reaching the rank of Eagle Scout in the early 70's. Santa Phillip then became a Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster and full Scoutmaster as he helped run the troop for several more years.

After school, Santa Phillip joined Motorola Communications and Electronics and participated in many interesting communications projects. Santa Phillip then moved into the aerospace industry and joined Hughes Aircraft Company where he extensively traveled the world installing satellite tracking stations and participated in the launching and control of almost 50 communications satellites. Santa Phillip's final aerospace job was to send an errant satellite around the moon in order to save it.

Currently Santa Phillip builds business web sites and does database programming in support of small and medium sized businesses.

Santa Phillip is also a part time professional photographer specializing in commercial, industrial and portrait photography. He also owns the online photographic social network "" with over 100,000 members and over a million photos on line.

Santa Phillip felt the calling and in December 2013 followed in his father's footsteps and put on the "red suit". Now he fully understands the joy that his father experienced as Santa and will continue to do so as long as possible.

When Santa Phillip is off duty, he plays with live steam trains and is also a Ham Radio Operator. Santa Phillip is currently building his own steam locomotive to put even more smiles on the passengers faces. Santa Phillip goes through a yearly "Live Scan" fingerprint check to confirm his clear background and eligibility as a volunteer working around children.

Santa Phillip is available for your Christmas parties, advertisements, film and video productions or any other project where a jolly guy in a red suit is required. Remember, Santa Phillip has real hair, a real beard and a real belly. He is the real deal and lives the Santa Oath all year long in or out of the red suit. Check out the Coca Cola commercial I did on the Gallery page.

Give Santa Phillip a call at 310-613-7826

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